Tsiakkas Winery, Pelendri

The winery is open daily, except Sundays and major holidays, from 08:00 until 16:00 hours.

For those who wish to have a tour it is advisable to call beforehand to ensure the winemaker is available. There is no need to book for a wine tasting as someone is always readily available. During the visit you get the opportunity to learn about the history of Cypriot wine-making, visit the small wine museum and the cellars and taste the wines while enjoying the view of the vineyard.

Recently, the winery decided to open on certain Sundays as well, during May and November each year. During these months our winery along with other wineries in the region will be open for tour and tasting by the winemaker himself. There is a good reason for choosing these months. During November visitors have the opportunity to taste the fresh whites of the recent vintage and during May they can taste the previous year’s reds right after they are taken out of the barrels.

Please contact the winery for available dates at 00357 25 991080.