Tsiakkas Winery, Pelendri, Lemesos, Cyprus
Open from 10am to 4pm except Sundays
Closed from 31st December until 6th January

Noteworthy Points-Of-Interest

Tsiakkas winery is located in the Troodos Mountains close to Pelendri village. Troodos was granted the Geopark status because of its great geological importance. It is the best preserved sample of the earth’s crust in the world. Graduates of top geology schools around the world consider a visit to Troodos a must. In addition, Troodos is the heart of Cyprus as the locals call it, since it hosts most of the Byzantine churches of Cyprus, the forests and the tiny villages where time seems to have stopped. Here you can also find the majority of the vineyards as the cool breezes and the volcanic soil are ideal for vine growing.

The region is the coolest and the greenest on the island, and the least touristic as the tour operators still consider Cyprus to be a summer vacationer’s paradise, with the sea being the epicentre of the vacation. This is good news because the country side has remained to a large extend unspoiled. The winters are cold and summers are mild. Rainfall is moderate, but it is adequate, to keep a healthy growth for the vines. All the vineyards of the winery are irrigable and organic certified by Lacon GmbH. The winery’s vineyards are located in Pelendri and Agros villages.

Pelendri village has a great Byzantine cultural heritage. One of its churches, the Timios Stavros church (Holly Cross) is a UNESCO world heritage monument. Another medieval church close by is a museum of Byzantine religious artefacts.

Visitors can complement their winery tour with a visit to one of the restaurants in the area, or the cafe which offers more than just snacks. In addition they can visit one of the small sausage factories either in Pelendri village or the nearby villages as the region is famed not only for its wine but also for its sausages and zivania. They can also spend a few days in the area where many old houses have been refurbished and are available for renting. Various nature trails in the area offer a chance to know more about the flora and fauna of the region. You will probably come across a fox or a rabbit which inspired us to create our new range of labels.